7 Fatal Mistakes Chiropractors Make (Building Their Practice)

7 Fatal Mistakes Chiropractor Make

What’s the difference between a Chiropractor who’s struggling to bring in new patients consistently and predictably and others who are growing and scaling their practices?

Successful Chiropractors have trouble keeping up with the influx of new patients (it’s a good problem to have).

In the words of one Chiropractor who recently left her Chiropractic career…” they didn’t teach us how to build our business…they sold us a dream”.

Chiropractors who are struggling to bring in new patients consistently are usually doing the wrong things.

So what are so many doing wrong? Why are so many having to leave their dream career in Chiropractic to get a 9-5 job?

Here are 7 fatal mistakes Chiropractor make when trying to build a sustainable practice:

  1. They don’t have a proven system to generate new patients at will. Most Chiros operate by what I call “Hope Marketing”. It goes like this: 8 AM they arrive at their practice get down on one knee and pray to God that today the phone rings and somebody will contact them for some care. They are competing with 10 other Chiropractors around the block. They haven’t differentiated themselves. They’re running their practice using a strategy less successful than a drunken bet in Las Vegas and gamble their own future and their families future. If you want to be a successful chiropractor you MUST have a predictable and proven method to reliably generate new patient enquiries on demand.
  2. They spend too much time and money on health screenings, Dinner-with-the-Doc Events and Lunch-N-Learns! That is not a secure, predictable way to bring in patients or to grow your practice for the future.
  3. They try to do their own marketing (and fail – therefore thinking that all marketing won’t work for them). You’re not a Marketing professional, just like I’m not a DC. If you do your own marketing you’ll only get so far. Leave it to the pros, who can focus on getting you results all day long.
  4. They put too much emphasis on chasing referrals (referrals are great, but what you really need is a predictable stream of new patients if you are looking for predictable growth and scale.)
  5. They spread themselves too thin on 1-million and one things like; Making Youtube Videos, Twitter, Writing Books, Speaking, Blogging, YouTube and Networking. But guess what? This doesn’t work!
  6. Being STUCK in the past, unwilling to adapt to the modern (proven) way of growing a practice
  7. They do everything themselves, they are sceptical at the prospect of asking for help

All in all many Chiros are focussing on the wrong things. While most Chiropractors are spreading themselves thin on 23 different things my clients and I are quietly focusing on 3 and eating everybody’s lunch while we’re at it.

I’m going to show you another way.

It’s time to say goodbye to screenings, health fairs and being at the mercy of referrals

I’ve just spent the past week putting together a FREE training for you on how to get 50-60 new Chiropractic patients reaching out to you every single month, predictably and consistently.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • How to jam-pack your schedule with qualified patients in your local area who need your help now
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  • How to get UNSTUCK and evolve your practice into the modern (proven) way of generating new patients
  • How to grow a sustainable practice without being at the mercy of health screenings, Dinner-with-the-Doc, Lunch-N-Learns

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Over the past 15 years I’ve mentored and advised 5000 professionals across dozens of Fortune 500 companies, producing over 20million in revenue for the businesses I’ve worked with. I have one of the best (if not the best) client success track records in the entire industry.

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