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7 Fatal Mistakes Technology Companies Make In Marketing

So… you’ve created a fantastic, innovative product, and now it’s time to start the marketing journey and draw as many customers to your product as possible. But just how do you do that?


LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for professionals in all industries. With over 303 million monthly users, you have quite a large base to develop new connections and build relationships with potential clients.

However, there are several LinkedIn “sins” which can haunt you and affect your credibility and reputation. Here are just a few things to avoid doing on LinkedIn:

How to Use Advertising to Attract Quality Clients

Once you have started your own service business, you will need a continual stream of prospective clients willing to give you a try, and happy clients willing to give you word-of-mouth marketing – for example, on the social networks. One way to drum up business is to advertise. However, since ads cost money, you need to develop a strategy that will give you the most bang for your budget.