Chiropractor Marketing – How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

How to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Learning to differentiate yourself in a competitive market is critical to building a sustainable Chiropractic Clinic. Read on to discover what makes a successful Chiropractor stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Figure out what makes you unique and different to all the other chiropractors out there can make the difference between sinking or swimming (or using a jetski!)

And when you know your value proposition, It is essential to get out there and communicate it clearly and concisely to the community.

Here’s an exercise you can do right now, that will help you identify your own value proposition and key differentiator.

Take a piece of paper, make a chart. On the left-hand side write down your competitors. On the right side write down the characteristics of the service providers that are important to your market.

If you don’t know what they are, you need to ask your patients. Why did you come in here? What were you looking for? What were you hoping to achieve by coming in here? The answers may surprise you.

A lot of people just say “I want to get out of pain”.

They didn’t want to have drugs or surgery. So that is an example of a “characteristic” that’s important in your market.

In my experience working with Chiropractors, I find people just want to get out of pain, and they want to do it without drugs or surgery.

Write them down in detail, and then next to each characteristic, put down yourself and/or your competitors.

I guarantee you that if you do this, you’ll notice opportunities in areas in your community that are uncontested or weak that you can really exploit to differentiate yourself.

If you’re not putting youself down against certain key characteristics, its time to pivot, focus and amplify your value in those areas. You will create a successful practice from that.

Unfortunately, solid marketing strategies are not often utilized by chiropractors who are struggling in business. The successful ones know how to communicate their value proposition in a clear concise and compelling way.

There are many compelling Chiropractors out there. They have approaches and techniques that are truly unique in their communities. Maybe their focus is unique, perhaps it’s their results, but if they cannot communicate their value in a compelling, clear and concise way, that value is worthless.

Many Chiropractors work for years to discern their point of differentiation, and when they’ve finally figured out, they blow it – because they don’t know how to communicate that message.

What the successful Chiropractors do so well, that’s different than the struggling chiropractors out there is this communication. They are truly engaged with their clients in a way that allows them to “get inside the head” of their potential patients. It’s a dialogue with their patients, and they learn to speak the language their patients use to describe the services, solutions, the unique value that that Chiropractor brought to them.

And once those Chiropractor has learned those words, they use those words all across their marketing messaging.

For example, if your patients talk about a “pinched nerve”, then even though you and I both know technically know it’s unlikely that they have a pinched nerve, we use that language with them. Because they understand it, it’s clear to them.

Successful chiropractors are clear about who they are and what value they bring to their patients, and they use words to communicate that that the patients understand.

Be Clear, Concise and Compelling.

A great example of this is using the word “subluxation”. Indeed, it’s a compelling word for Chiropractors, but when a patient comes in off the street and goes in to the Chiropractors office (remember, and they’re completely naive chiropractic patients – they’ve never seen a chiropractor before) and the first thing they see is a giant poster that says “subluxation is the silent killer”, believe me, this person is thinking “what in the world have I just got myself in to?”

They don’t know what a subluxation is. This is a foreign world to them. So the successful chiropractors understand that. They try to create an environment that clearly, concisely and compellingly communicates to their patients the value they bring to them, and they do it in a way that the patients understand.

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