Client Results


Chiropractor. Owner

Working with Francis has been a pleasure from the start. At first I couldn't believe it was real, but in the second week of working launching the Patient Intake Accelerator our practice was filled up to capacity with new patients! My CA handled the new enquiries with ease using the provided CRM and follow-up system, which is second to none - we were able to follow up on the enquiries within minutes. I'm now consistently seeing 10-15 new patients per month as a result of working with Francis and our practice setting our collection record. Thank you for transforming our business!

Result: Craig's practice now receives an additional 15-20 new patients every single month.


Chiropractor and Nutritionist

After signing on with Francis our campaign launched 4 days later.  Results were almost instant, but it wasn't until 2 weeks later we started receiving an influx of new patient enquiries. The follow-up system and CRM provided by Francis is second to none - we were able to communicate with prospects within minutes and set our appointments promptly. The cost per lead was much lower than advertised, almost reaching $5. The Patient Intake Accelerator has literally transformed our practice, now we have to create our own systems to more efficiently manage the flow of new patients generated.

Result: Belinda tripled her new patients in just two months of launching her Patient Intake Accelerator.


Chiropractor, Health Consultant

I had tried almost everything...blogging, social media, chasing referrals. I even tried another Chiropractic lead generation company "specializing in Facebook ads", only to experience underwhelming results. All I can say is that this system works. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, but our patient intake has increased 5x and we're able to convert many more patients into a long term plan of care. Thank you Francis for having the persistence to chase me and demonstrate the value that your system brings! 

Result: Annie doubled her volume in just 3 months and is now taking bookings a month in advance.


Upper Cervical Doctor & Practice Owner

Francis's system produces the results as promised. No ifs or buts. We were promised to 50-60 leads per month, the system generated almost double that. New patient enquiries come in on a daily basis, my CA handles the enquiries and works with the follow up system to get their appointment scheduled. In the next quarter well'' be looking at hiring an addition D.C to help service our patients and convert them into wellness patients. We'll be working with Francis and his team for long time.

Result: 6 months down the line, Edward is seeing sustainable, consistent growth in the number of new patients he gets from his the Patient Intake Accelerator.