Our Patient Intake Accelerator Will Get You AT LEAST 50 New Quality Patients Reaching Out To YOU In Your First Month - GUARANTEED.

Francis Rodino

Virtual CMO and Growth Coach

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Welcome Doc! My name is Francis Rodino and I specialize in helping Chiropractors grow, scale and market their practices. My signature "Patient Intake Accelerator" system matches your service with people in your local area who are ACTIVELY looking for a chiropractic adjustment to relieve their pain NOW.

For the longest time I suffered from chronic lower back pain, and after trying everything in the book (Medicine, massage, physiotherapy, you name it), and spending a small fortune,  I finally saw a Chiropractor who, after a few sessions and adjustments, totally sorted out what others couldn't figure in years! It was like magic. Except it was Chiropractic Care! :-)

Now I love working with Chiropractors and Wellness professionals. I'm also certified Personal trainer with 20 years of big brand digital marketing experience. I hold a genuine passion for helping Chiropractors to grow their businesses AND to ultimately heal more people.

Who on Earth am I? (not another marketing guru). Click here to find out more about me!

Helping Chiropractors get More Quality Patients with our Patient Intake Accelerator. 

Stop relying on "hope marketing" (referrals, social media posts, networking, health fairs etc, groupons ...) to get consultations.

You see, there are hundreds of Marketing Companies out there that “talk” about results... We GUARANTEE them.

If you're constantly approached by "marketers" claiming to be able to generate patients with Facebook ads running the same old model, THIS IS FOR YOU!



Our data-driven system targets people not just geographically, but also on INTENTION. That means you will spend money ONLY on people who are ACTUALLY looking for what you offer - resulting in a much lower lead cost = MORE bang for your buck! The system generates 50-60 new patients leads every month, without you having to do spinal screenings, or give away free care.

It's time to transform into the practice you've always dreamed of - creating a predictable pipeline of new consults knocking on your door and working with your ideal clients who are actively seeking a chiropractor in your area. 

This IS the definitive system that frees up your time, avoids wasting money on ineffective marketing and will enable you to finally focus on grow your practice and building that life of financial freedom for you and your family.


You’ll have GUARANTEED leads every month and if for whatever reason we don’t hit the target we’ll spend OUR OWN MONEY to reach it. The average lead cost ranges from $15 - $40 dollars. You will NEVER pay more than that.

As this will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors I am only accepting applications for ONE CLIENT within a 15-mile radius. Limited availability.

If this is an ADVANTAGE you would like for your practice, contact me below.

How You Can Grow & Scale Your Business Faster? 


FREE Download of the exact BLUEPRINT to accelerate your marketing and explode your lead generation in 90 days.


Work with me 1-1 as we put the strategies and systems in place to grow your business. 


More conversations means more clients. I'll make it happen for you.

What People Say


Francis is a very strategic digital professional with an in-depth knowledge of global website builds, online publishing and digital advertising. A team player who is customer-centric, solution oriented and brings an energy to every project! Francis also has a great personality, charm and charisma which he brings into every organisation he works within. A real pleasure to work with


Chris Minas



Francis made a significant impact working with us at BBC Worldwide- among other accomplishments, helping Top Gear to reach its first 10million Facebook fans and building the BBC's number one digital revenue driver. A very strategic and customer-centric leader, Francis acting as primary "go-to" digital agency, supporting the digital marketing team in their lead generation initiatives across the full range of digital properties.


Jean-Francois Beaudry

Head of Digital Products


Francis is both pleasant to work with, whilst being highly skilled in online experience and digital marketing. At Clarivate, Francis has managed our transition to a new web environment, a highly complex exercise requiring vast reservoirs of patience, dedication, and attention to detail! Throughout this, he provides well thought through advice on customer experience, equipped with a solid base of expertise, relentless upbeat, positive attitude, a great people manager, and highly dependable in terms of deadlines and commitments!


Nigel Skinner

Head of Marketing


I've worked for, and with, Francis on a number of occasions over the years and have always loved the opportunity to do so. We've worked together on social and digital strategies for large B2C companies and I've found his knowledge to be insightful and geared towards the client's needs whilst gaining the biggest impact. Francis is great to work with - knowledgeable, motivating and also fun. I'd welcome any opportunity to work with him in the future. 


Daniel Honey

Founder and CEO

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